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Amanda S. , Pet owners looking for cat sitter in Madrid (28004)

  • Updated on: 01/10/2015
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Daily mid-week visits with an adorable kitten!


I have an absolutely adorable 6 month old kitten who is well socialised, loving, cuddly and playful. Unfortunately my work requires that I travel out of the country weekly. Usually it's 2-3 days/week...other times it's 4-5. I have an amazing pet sitter currently who comes to feed & play with him every day during the week, but she is leaving to go back to uni in a few weeks and I need to find someone who can take over.

Also, I have an opportunity for some office admin work...if you happen to want to take that on as well for additional hours. Of course my main priority is finding someone who will love my little guy while I'm away...just thought I would add that in case anyone on here is looking for some office experience as well. :-)